Memberships: So What's it Cost?

CrossFit gyms aren't run the same way a regular gym is, and our pricing is different too. You pay a monthly fee and each time you come, you get group and one-on-one training from quality CrossFit trainers to improve your health and fitness. Where a traditional gym would charge $50.00/hour or more for personal training:

You'll pay only $5.50 per hour or less for personalized/coached workouts!

Foundations Classes:
$150- Gets you 6 personal classes to introduce you to CrossFit as well as two Saturday group classes (scaled and modified for you personally) to get used to a coach run class!
*Also includes the rest of the month after foundations is finished!

Monthly membership price:
Individual full access(Yoga/open/nutritional counseling/personal training): $98.00
2 punches per week: $60
3 punches per week: $75
Couples: $180.00 per month
Kids: $40 - 70 per month (depends on 2 or 4 day a week sign up)
Masters: $75.00 per month
Student: $75.00 per month

Day Rates:
Drop-in: $10 or FREE with purchase of Lat45 T-Shirt
Yoga Drop-in: $5
* Of course, first time drop in is free to either CrossFit or yoga!

You can receive $10.00 off your membership by showing up 4+ times per week, all month!
You can also receive $10.00 off by bringing in and getting a friend to sign up! (This is per friend, so 3 friends signed up = $30 off)
109 S Center St.
Salmon, ID 83467 (view larger map)