How to get started with CrossFit: First Step, building a solid foundation!

Want to shed some extra pounds? Want to run faster, jump higher? Want to hike longer, bike further, or just feel better getting up and down?? Whether you have any prior fitness experience or not, Crossfit is for you! Just Call Kellen at 307-259-4554, Facebook us: 'Lat 45 CrossFit', or email:, to let us know when you want to come in and start working toward achieving the best fitness of your life.

Why Foundations?
The key to building anything great is a solid foundation! Our foundations classes are intended to introduce the foundational movements used in CrossFit (and life!) at a fun and comfortable pace; By ensuring proper technique and safety, while allowing new members to build confidence and a fitness base before joining regular classes, we will have you safely and efficiently reaching your goals in and out of the gym like no other program you have tried before!
One of our goals as a responsible CrossFit facility is to ensure each person safely learns the mechanics of movement and have an overall understanding of CrossFit methodology. We will analyze and evaluate each your range of motion, flexibility and overall capacity in functional movement.
CrossFit Fundamentals is designed to give you the knowledge and awareness you need to be SAFE and successful.

We hold foundations training classes privately on demand, so let us know you're interest via email or our Facebook page. After about 6 hours of foundations classes, most members will be ready to join regular CrossFit classes, but you can start regular classes any time your coach thinks you're ready.
109 S Center St.
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